Raise the level on which you stand

What we do

We are a team of experienced facilitators and coaches working with organisations, teams and individuals, our aim is to assist them as they grow, finding ways to navigate the world that they find themselves in and exploring new paths of discovery together. We believe in the potential of possibility, enabling organisations to navigate their way through their current circumstances in order to allow the co-creation of alternative ways of being. This can then develop new openings and possibilities along the pathway to achieving desired goals.

At our heart is our mutual learning through the lens of Organisational Development (OD) and our overall purpose can be expressed as follows:

Assisting an organisation to flourish through focussed interventions at the individual, teams and organisational level to support the overall strategy. It aims to access and develop people potential for the benefit of the whole organisation.

The field of OD within which we work is shaped on shared values. The values of equality, diversity, fairness, social participation, democracy, whole systems thinking and client centred consulting.

Why us?

We think that in life, whether at work or in our home domains we try to build something, some sort of platform. A support to help us grow and develop. Platform OD & Coaching is the Organisation that will assist you in building new platforms of development and discovery, renewed ways of seeing the world and casting new light from alternative vantage points as you build your future.

A platform needs strong foundations. Through our work together, we will strive to develop that foundational assessment through groundedness, honesty and openness. Building on this we can co create systems of strength, resilience and adaptability suitable for you and your business needs.

Our work together will provide a platform for growth.

Raise the level on which you stand.