About Andy

An Organisation’s best asset is its people. If the Organisation is to thrive as a whole then its people need also to become the best possible version of themselves as individuals and in their respective teams.

Portrait photograph of Andy Rogers
Andy Rogers (Principal and Founder of Platform OD & Coaching Ltd)

Andy started his working career in technology with GEC Telecommunications and has since had an extensive career in various corporate sectors with in depth experience in Healthcare, Government, Defence and the Care sectors for over 25 years. During this time, he has bridged both Operational “P&L” with Organisational Development and Human Resourcing roles. His keen eye for people management and the ability to clearly ‘see’ the larger picture is born from an innate understanding of people, how to nurture those around him whilst achieving optimum effort and productivity.

Andy has lived his life as an inquiry into people development, focusing on how Organisations can balance a person centred approach within the bounds of expected delivery. He delights in witnessing the development of people as they grow to fulfil their true potential with his support and guidance.

Having qualified as an Integral Coach in 2012 as well as obtaining a Masters Degree in People and Organisation Development (2016), Andy now balances his time between working (part time) as a Global HR Director for a large multi-national business services organisation and his personal Coaching and Organisational Development Practice.

Andy is also currently on the faculty of ThirdSpace Coaching assisting in the support and delivery of its year long coaching programme, the PCC (Professional Coaching Certificate). Additionally, he holds the role of Community Nurturer at ThirdSpace, involving the provision of access to continuous personal development for previous graduates of the PCC.

Andy holds professional accreditation (PCC) with the ICF (International Coaching Federation), as well as having an ongoing inquiry into personal development in all its aspects. He has studied Somatics in San Francisco at the Strozzi institute and participated in several courses on the Enneagram in the USA, UK and Europe with leaders in the field. His varied knowledge, experience and humanistic understanding both professionally and personally positively inform his coaching and professional interactions. This enables meaningful and fulfilling outcomes either on an individual level or in the Organisational arena.