Services we offer

We can offer a range of assistance and support to organisations, teams and individuals.

Change Management

At the centre of much of our work, we act as the “go to” people in support of change. We aim to assist clients to formulate their thinking, considering all options and working through scenarios supporting the change. Our work attempts to balance all facets of change and therefore includes culture, process, organisational design and outcomes to inform the process.


All of our associates are trained Coaches offering either individual or group coaching support. Coaching is a vehicle that often gets to the heart of an individuals stickiness, with the opportunity to create options for growth and development either personally, or as a team. Our coaching involves the whole person not just the topic that they bring. It is a developmental form of coaching that works on the basis of recognising where the client currently is and where they want to be. It builds new practices as a way of testing and embedding new ways of being. In many senses, this form of Integral development coaching has the the overall goals of self correction, self generation and long term excellence.

Organisation Development

We often are invited into organisations when they are in a crunch, stuck in the ‘now’ with limited ability to see ‘the wood for the trees’. Many organisations work hard at supporting the pace of change in the market and together with the environmental factors that they have experienced over the past few years, sometimes standing still is only just possible. We use our experience from all manner of interactions to work a cross section of team members and facilitating new options, creating openings and positive change.

Vision and Values

We have experience of working with start ups and established teams alike in their quests to create and develop a sense of vision, aligned and inclusive values, and supportive behavioural strategies that bring them alive in the real experience of working in the organisation.

Organisational Design

We are often called upon to work with organisations who want change and to shape themselves differently. Organisational design is not merely about cost cutting and reduction though. Its work aims to finds a way of supporting an organisation’s key strategic imperatives alongside the development of appropriate structural design. This will therefore offer meaningful occupations for the Organisation and its people within a developmental, nurturing system.

Culture Development

A number of times we have supported the cultural development of teams and organisations. Some may say that this cannot be done, but we believe that it is possible to lean into what is really happening, holding this then as a mirror to enable understanding of current culture and how to best influence change to promote the environment you want. If not possible to mirror (for instance in a New Enterprise), it is possible to pinpoint the factors of importance in order to deliberately develop appropriate behaviours to support this.