• Portrait photograph of Carmelia

    It was a pleasure to work with Andy, he is fun, energizing, felt quite quickly very comfortable to bring any topic to our conversation and I was pleasantly surprised by the depth and freshness of the proposed coaching program. He has a fantastic way of listening beyond obvious and gives soon meaning and sense to what seems to be chaos. Andy makes the conversation feel balanced, fluid almost like a sharing session and using a wide range of distinctions within the integral coaching model, including poetry, personal leadership experience, passion for Asian life philosophy and intuitive somatic practices. I often go back to the practices and imagery he has gently offered, and I’d be happy to continue working together and recommend him further.

  • Portrait photograph of Shamim Stokes

    Andy is professional and insightful, asking challenging questions whilst being supportive. He has made some clear observations about me that have been absolutely accurate. I am finding the process of Integral coaching tremendously helpful from the initial intake to the more in depth questioning and exploring. I am learning more about myself and why I act in certain ways. The practices are certainly a helpful way of changing behaviour and it is great to unpick and rebuild what serves me best.

    I wish that I had done this many years ago as I am already finding this incredibly helpful and able to apply it to my whole life not just in the workplace.

  • Portrait photograph of David Jones

    Working with Andy has helped me develop new practices that have helped change the way I work and the results I get. I have become much more grounded in how I work through the development of very simple (but powerful) embodiment practices. Andy was able to adapt around my needs in each session without ever losing our focus on my bigger goals. His friendly, good humoured style meant the sessions were enjoyable and something to look forward to. The sessions were all online and, despite the physical focus in some of the practices, they worked beautifully. I have ended our work together with new ways of being in my job, more confidence in the things I want to achieve and new practices that serve me every day.